Our first play, "Private Lives", involved 6 months of preparation

with the whole company playing a part...as we wanted to do Noel Coward proud.

Paul was building scenery and designing posters, Anne and Alan were gathering

props, costumes and funds. Andrea and Daniel were marketing and publicising.

For the two lead roles it was 6 months of rehearsing and memorising hundreds of lines of dialogue, exploring many ways of developing the characters and delivering lines,

and for the supporting roles it was 3 months of the same.

Below are some photos of Paul building the scenery whilst reciting 75 pages of dialogue...

who says men can't multi-task!

Converting an old upright piano to look like the front of grand piano,

plus building two windows frames....

The original old piano...

Piano 01.JPG

which became this...

Piano 07.JPG

and here is how it was done...

Cutting off the top and bottom and removing an incredibly heavy iron harp!

Piano 02.JPG

Phew that was tough!

now to clean all the keys so they move smoothly...

Piano 03.JPG

and so begins the painting...

Piano 04.JPG
Piano 05.JPG
Piano 06.JPG
Piano 07.JPG

Building the hotel windows!

Window 03.JPG
Window 01.JPG
Window 04.JPG

insert 2 giant photos and we have a room with a view!

Window 05.JPG

Burning the midnight oil, designing posters and programmes!


Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse....and then rehearse some more!


A quick break for Christmas...


OK that's enough break!...Back to rehearsals!....